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Can you make a curved door that matches the other doors in my house?

Yes. I can match both the materials and construction to the existing doors in your house in order to keep design unity.

Will a site visit be necessary before proceeding with the curved door project?

A site visit is usually necessary if the as-builts are already in place. For new construction a site visit is usually not needed, as I can work from the architect's drawings.

Will I get to see the doors before you install them?

The customer is kept involved throughout the process of designing and building the doors, you will receive updates and photos as work progresses.

Do you install the doors yourself?

For most curved door installations, it is the same as hanging a flat door. In some cases, such as a pocket door, its advisable for me to complete the installation on site.

How much do custom curved doors cost?

Each curved door is unique in materials, shape, size, hardware, and design intent, so quotes are provided on a case by case basis once I gauge your specific needs. We can quickly come up with a ballpark price for your doors upon inquiry and if it matches your budget, we will develop a more detailed proposal.